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It can be a very overwhelming process in deciding which ring will be the one for you. Don't stress....I can help with my quick guide for creating the perfect engagement ring for your loved one. This guide will break down all the nessecary steps when choosing your ring. From budgets, diamonds, metals, finger sizing, designing and manufacturing. There's no need to be overwhelmed...arrange a consultation to discuss any further questions you may have to make this process as stress free as possible.





A budget is a great place to start when it comes to deciding on the design of this special ring. It will allow us to determine what designs are achieve able with your budget. There are many factors that contribute to the cost of the ring such as the diamonds, gemstones, gold and labour.


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When it comes to an enegament ring, a diamond has always been the classic choice. However, there are plenty more options avaialble to suit all budgets such as man made diamonds and coloured gemstones. Dont feel overwhelmed when deciding as samantha will help guide you in the right direction when it comes to colour, clarity, cut and carat of a diamond.


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Deciding on a metal. Take note of what colour the metal is of the jewellery your loved one wears. There are several options ranging from most popular metals being platinum and white gold. But if that's not your thing don't worry. Yellow and rose gold as becoming increasingly popular. Don't be afraid to mix your metals and create a two or even three tone ring. The options are limitless. 
Different metals offer different hardnesses and will all wear differently over time.




There are several ways to obtain a finger size without your loved one knowing. The easiest way is to bring in one of their rings so we can measure it. If you are unable to borrow the ring without your loved one knowing, simply measure the inside diameter of the ring with a gauge in millimeters or simply place the ring on a ruler and take a photo.



Over the years there have been a number of different trends for engagement rings. Its important to pay attention to what style your loved one likes. This could be antique/vintage, simple, contemporary/modern, classic single stone, diamond halo cluster or maybe you are wanting something completely unique to them.



The hard part is done, you have decided on your budget, diamond/ gemstone, metal and design. Now begins the manufacturing process. Your unique ring will be lovingly crafted by hand to the highest of standards. The making of a ring can range from 4-8 weeks. You will be kept updated on the whole progress with weekly photos so you can see your creation come to life.



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Browse the range of engagement rings below to find your dream ring. All designs can be customised to suit your budget. After something completely unique? Contact Samantha now for a consultation to design your perfect ring.


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